We are a quality orientated Mortgage and Finance Broker.Fast & Good Quality Services are very important for us.We work together with the most important banks of Spain.

We can offer you together with our partner 50-70% of financiation.Interest only up to 3 years, fixed or variable interest.Term: up to 30 years.

Documentation required:

•Photocopies of passports.
•NIE number.
•P60 or similar (D.H.S.S pension certificate or private pensions certificate)
•Last three wage slips
•Purchase contract for the property.
•Last six months bank statements and a credit report.(Experian)


What is an N.I.E number?

Every person who wishes to purchase a property in Spain must have an N.I.E number. This will be arranged by your solicitor before you sign the title deeds. You will require four passport photos.

I am a foreigner. Can I ask for a mortgage in a Spanish bank?

Yes, people used to prefer to have their mortgage at a local bank. Today it is easy to obtain the mortgage from a bank in the country you are purchasing, we as most estate agents have the facilities with the bank to organize this for you.

Can I make early repayments on my mortgage?

Yes, of course.

The penalty to cancel a mortgage is normally 1%, if you think you may want to have this option you can negotiate this with your bank before signing the mortgage.